Your First Lines of Code in Python

Your First Lines of Code in Python

I am going to describe to you a method that I use with my clients when I teach Python & Data Science ↓

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·Sep 28, 2021·

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Programming is hard, especially at the beginning.

Don't make it yourself any harder!

Start with Data Visualization.

It's easier to understand programming with visual changes than abstract coding ("make a program that prints even numbers").

Get on Jupyter, a code editor. Here is the link to [download the program](

Your first lines of code should be as follows:

import seaborn as sns

df = sns.load_dataset('tips')
sns.scatterplot(x='total_bill', y='tip', data=df)

You would get a plot that should look like this one ↓


To configure the behaviour of the function, you should configure the code as follows:

sns.scatterplot(x='total_bill', y='tip', data=df, color='red')


This simple change helps you to understand a couple of core concepts in programming:

  1. Functions sns.scatteplot() are used to make things in programming (a plot in this case).

  2. You use parameters color='red' to configure the function's behaviour.

Feel free and welcome to ask me anything in the comments below, it will be my pleasure to help you out 🤗

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